The safety of people in their workplace is a paramount element for all business owners.  How confident are you in the physical security of your business?  Do you have proper countermeasures in place to deter criminals or prevent access to your facility?  If an intruder does gain access, do you and/or your employees know what to do and how best to handle the situation?  Most active shooters in the workplace are current or former disgruntled employees.  Every organization has a responsibility to train their personnel in workplace violence prevention as well as how to respond should an incident occur.

With nearly two decades of experience surreptitiously circumventing security measures and things designed to keep people out, we have the expertise to assist in designing systems that work.  Our expertise lies in our experience of planning and conducting over one thousand high risk tactical operations where the goal was to penetrate any structure and control and detain the persons on the inside as quickly and as safely as possible.  This gives us amazing insight as to what real physical security looks like because we have first-hand experience in defeating a multitude of security measures. 

We begin with a visit to your business or corporate campus where we will conduct a complete site survey and security threat assessment.  This involves a detailed checklist of items we are looking for to assist you in identifying strengths and weaknesses in the design and composition of your facility.  We then compile a detailed training program based on those findings to include identified weaknesses, recommended improvements, and suggested protocols to be implemented.  We then return to your facility and assist in the implementation of those protocols and conduct training with you and your staff that is customized to your specific location and personnel composition.  The training can be adjusted to train all personnel at one time or over a period of several sessions to ensure that all personnel can attend.  We also offer annual assessments and training as we understand that personnel and staff are constantly changing.