It is no secret that deadly force incidents at houses of worship are on the rise.  Every house of worship should have a security team as well as protocols in place to deal with any situation.

With nearly two decades of experience circumventing security measures and things designed to keep people out, we have the expertise to assist in designing systems that work.  Our expertise lies in our experience of planning and conducting over one thousand high risk tactical operations where the goal was to penetrate any structure and control and detain the persons on the inside as quickly and as safely as possible.  This gives us amazing insight as to what real physical security looks like because we have first-hand experience in defeating a multitude of security measures.   

We know that it can be difficult position for leadership to seek out and develop a security team from members of your congregation and we are here to help.  We will guide you through the delicate but detailed process of developing that team.  At Defend Systems we understand that not all disturbances and incidents require the use of deadly force.  Often times it is a small protest, demonstration, or disruption by someone who may be mentally ill.  Our development and training program will also include techniques to address and control the less violent situations.  Our threat assessments start with a detailed checklist of items to assist you in identifying strengths and weaknesses in the design and composition of your sanctuary and entire campus.  We then compile a detailed training program based on those findings to include identified weaknesses, recommended improvements, and suggested protocols to be implemented. 

The design and implementation of those response protocols is specifically customized to your organization and your team members.  We then return to your facility to assist in the implementation of those protocols and conduct extensive training on site at your location.  Furthermore, we acknowledge the inherent but unfortunate fact that threats to security are constantly evolving and therefore offer annual training and assessments as well.