School Safety & Security Symposium
Christ Presbyterian Church & Academy, 2323 Old Hickory Blvd., Nashville, TN 37215

Thursday, June 13, 2019
9:30 am – 3:30 pm 

Offering 3 AIA / CEU Credits

Active shooter scenarios have become a tragic part of our modern world. Multiple shootings have taken place in K-12 schools and on college campuses across the nation and around the world, and they continue to raise the issue of safety and security at educational institutions. 

While schools continue to be targeted, forward thinking school administrators are looking at safeguards that can be taken to protect our children. Development of design standards for new schools, as well as hardware, software and safety protocols for new and existing schools will keep our buildings a safe-haven for students and staff. 

This School Safety & Security Symposium will take a deeper dive into the issues related to school safety and security as well as the short/ long term solutions that are impacting the education sector. We'll explore improvements to School Facilities, facilities assessment, site planning, CPTED principles, architectural school design, Policy & Procedures, Preparedness & Response and more. 

What's Your Plan?


Brink Fidler is the founder and President of Defend Systems, a life safety and security consulting firm that specializes in physical security and active shooter mitigation. He is a frequently booked public speaker on the topic of active shooter events and organizational response. Fidler served nearly two decades in law enforcement in Nashville, TN, where he retired as the Director of the Drug Task Force. He has directed and supervised hundreds of court ordered wiretaps, thousands of hours of physical and electronic surveillance, hundreds of search warrants throughout the United States, and has planned and conducted over one thousand high risk tactical operations. This extensive background, coupled with his continuous and in depth study of active shooter events, gives him a very unique and insightful approach to this frequent and worsening problem as well as best practices for mitigating damage during such an event. As a widely recognized expert on the topics of physical security and active shooter events, he will not only enlighten and significantly educate the audience, he will empower everyone with the ability to respond decisively during any critical incident. 

This course takes an in-depth look at the history of mass casualty attacks, actions that increase survivability, how simple design concepts aid in survivability, and how these can be incorporated in educational and workspace designs. 

HSW Justification
Examine design solutions that help in preventing safety crises and help in protecting the occupants in case of a violent attack. 

Learning Objectives

1.     Course participants will achieve a better understanding of how historical mass casualty events should be shaping the way we train and equip personnel in any workspace or education institution. 

2.     Course participants will learn the importance of security layers in the design of a facility that slow down intruders as well as criminals of opportunity and the extremely important concept that seconds matter during a critical incident. 

3.     Course participants will learn the importance of their role in the design of educational institutions and workspaces and how those designs can be both architecturally pleasing, as well as practical to the safety and security of the building occupants. 

4.     Course participants will be able to understand and incorporate certain design principles that aid in the overall safety and security of all building occupants in both educational settings and workplace settings. 

Tentative Schedule

9:30 am - Registration / Donuts and Coffee

10:00 am - Presentation

12:00 pm - Lunch / Visit with Vendor Partners

1:00 pm - Panel Discussion

2:00 pm - Tour & Safety Demonstration

3:30 pm - Close

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