As crime and violence is on the rise, business owners and homeowners alike are seeking ways to make their building or their residence more secure.  The most advantageous and cost effective time to do this is during the planning and construction phase of any new building project. 

With nearly two decades of experience surreptitiously circumventing security measures and things designed to keep people out, we have the expertise to assist in designing systems that work.  More often than not, the breaching and penetration of any structure, commercial or residential, is done in a very deliberate and forceful manner in order to gain entry as quickly as possible. 

Our expertise lies in our experience of planning and conducting over one thousand high risk tactical operations where the goal was to penetrate any structure and control and detain the persons on the inside as quickly and as safely as possible.  We have first-hand experience in what actually works and what does not and can assist at every stage of any project.  From concept to design to construction, Defend Systems is your expert consulting group.