Faculty and staff charged with the education and development of our youth don't have the luxury of an "everyone for themselves" approach to an active shooter event or any other critical incident that may occur on school grounds. They have been entrusted with the most precious gift a parent can receive, our children. This fact makes the entire approach to securing our schools and responding to an emergency event extremely unique and challenging.

That's where we come in. With nearly two decades of experience circumventing security measures and things designed to keep people out, we have the expertise to assist in designing systems that work. We have planned and conducted over one thousand high risk tactical operations where the goal was to penetrate the structure and control and detain the persons on the inside as quickly and as safely as possible. This gives us amazing insight as to what real physical security looks like because we have first-hand experience in defeating a multitude of security measures.

Our first step will be conducting a complete and thorough threat assessment and site survey where we will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your buildings, campus grounds, prior training, and faculty and staff. We will then compile a complete and detailed training program based on those findings which will include identified weaknesses, recommended improvements, and suggested protocols to be implemented.

We remain with you every step of the way overseeing improvements and training the staff and faculty on all recommended protocols that are specific to your classrooms, student composition, building design and campus layout. We also acknowledge the inherent and unfortunate fact that acts of terror are on the rise and constantly evolving to further threaten our security, therefore we offer annual in-service training and assessments as well.